May 26, 2020 Solbridge - Innovative technology partner

COVID-19 and meeting your financial commitments


We know how important your web and mail service is to business continuity and understand that many of our customers find themselves struggling to meet all their financial commitments during this difficult and uncertain time.

Should you anticipate cash flow shortages, please engage your credit provider, who is able to advise and support you in this regard. There are also government initiatives that have been set up to provide financial relief during this time.

To support you while you initiate these contingencies,  we will offer a payment extension of one week for all customers who request this option via

Most commercial banks have publicised liquidity relief programs for customers in good standing. We have captured them here for ease of reference:

Each of these banks has set up dedicated contact centres to manage queries of this nature. Due to high call volumes, they request your patience and understanding at slower than usual turnaround times. They are trying their utmost to get to every customer as soon as they are able to.

The Department of Small Business Development has also put together a Debt Relief Finance Scheme for businesses which are negatively affected, either directly or indirectly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The application process can be found at

The SOLBRIDGE CREATIVE AGENCY team remains committed to providing you with a trusted service and the support to assist you.

We hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy during this time.

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